SJM Inspection Service LLC is owned and operated by Scott Monforte. Scott is licensed by the State of Connecticut and has over 10 years experience in home improvement and remodeling. Scott is also a licensed home improvement contractor and a current member of the Connecticut Association of Home Inspectors. Scott graduated from the Home Inspection Institute of America and has several years in the inspection industry. These attributes combined make Scott one of Connecticut’s leading Inspectors.

Scott Monforte, at SJM Inspection Service, LLC. is working for you! He is not catering to any other person involved with the purchase of your home but to you. Helping to insure the home you are buying is what you are bargaining for is his top priority. While others may like a report that makes sure you buy the home, you can count on him to provide results that are not influenced by anyone else. Paying for this kind of experience is worth protecting your next investment.

Scott understands that buying a home is a big investment, both monetarily and emotionally. One that you'll most likely live with for a long time. Here at SJM Inspection Service, LLC we provide a thorough inspection that can help insure you are making a sound investment while making your decision more objective.

As a first time home buyer or an experienced home owner, you can benefit from an inspection by SJM Inspection Service, LLC. He has the knowledge and experience to uncover and evaluate hidden expenses and potential problems before the sale is finalized.

Our service does not stop there. After a detailed two to three hour inspection is performed with the buyer present to ask questions and examine points of interest, SJM Inspection Service, LLC. provides an onsite report and a detailed summary within 24 hrs. of the inspection.